60s Fashion by Caitlin and Grace

In English we have been looking at the book “The Fire Eaters.” This book was set in the 1960s. We have chosen 1960s fashion and it is very eye-catching. The swinging sixties was a time of change and fashion. The 60s was a time of bright clothes, polka dot dresses and hippies. The women wore lots of dresses with stripes, polka dots and big bold colours. At night in the 60s women wore nylon nightgowns. Men wore lots of suits and ties , flared jeans and crazy patterns. Twiggy was a very famous model from the 60s and was based in London. She had big eyes that stand out.

Twiggy drawing by Failuresque [Licence: CC BY 2.0]

Twiggy drawing by Failuresque [Licence: CC BY 2.0]

One famous designer was Mary Quant. She created some classic 1960s fashion including the mini skirt, coloured tights and plastic raincoats.

In the mid 60s was the beginning of the hippies. Their hair was long and free. They also wore bright colours and patterns. Some hippies weren’t very hygienic or clean.

In the 60s hair and makeup was a big part of fashion. Their hair had lots of volume. Some hair styles they had were beehive curls and buns. Also they found it trendy to wear ribbons. Another main thing in the 60s was makeup. Eye makeup was a big thing. They had cat eyes and smokey eye.

Jackie O was JFK’s wife. She was a huge inspiration in women’s fashion. Two piece suits with pencil skirt and tailored jackets were very popular along with the pillbox hat. Skirts became narrower as time went on.

Overall the 1960s was an important era for fashion. We still use the same makeup and hairstyles in our generation today.

One of our favourite quotes by Twiggy is “Being young isn’t about age. It’s about being a free spirit.” Also another one of our favourite quotes is “There’s no need to dress like everyone else. It’s much more fun to create your own look”. We like these quotes because they say that you’re free to dress like you want. You can have your own style and taste because everyone is different.



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